Our bodies continually change throughout our lives. Weight fluctuations, pregnancy and the ageing process leading to loose skin and reduced muscle bulk all lead to changes in various regions of our bodies that won't always return to normal with diet and exercise alone. For example, the anatomic changes that occur during pregnancy and after giving birth can lead to loose skin and areas of internal weakness or separation of the abdominal muscles that is difficult to recover no matter how healthy, active and patient you are


Those who have successfully lost a large amount of weight through activity changes or bariatric surgery are another group that have achieved a fantastic benefit to their overall health, however struggle with the cosmetic appearance of loose and hanging skin excess that has been stretched beyond the point that it will reduce and tighten with time. This new change can have even more of an impact on confidence about your body than before the weight loss and surgery is at times the only option for improvement


There are several areas of the body such as the breasts, arms, abdomen and thighs that plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular as an adjunct to assist you in achieving your goals. Although not always the only solution, advances in cosmetic plastic surgery have developed effective techniques that will help you regain the shape that you were and to deal with stubborn areas that refuse to improve despite your efforts to help you regain confidence in your body



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An abdominoplasty, or 'tummy tuck' is a procedure designed to reduce skin excess in the central abdomen and also provides an opportunity to repair damaged or stretched abdominal muscles to their normal anatomical position 


Although adjunctive techniques, such as liposuction can be used in conjunction, the best results from a tummy tuck are in those that have stretched and redundant tissue rather than residual abdominal obesity. The goals of abdominoplasty should be for removal of skin excess and tightening of the abdominal contours.



As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and in areas such as the upper arms, this can lead to a significant loss in natural tension resulting in sagging skin excess that can appear loose and hang when the arms are elevated. Patients often report a reluctance to wear sleeveless clothing and no improvement despite exercise and toning


An upper arm lift, or brachioplasty utilises an incision on the inner aspect of the arm in a tailored approach to reduce the amount of skin excess in the arms with the goals of improving contour in the area. 

Body lift


Large volume weight loss, whether through diet and exercise or bariatric surgery significantly improves your health, however a downside is that your skin has grown over time and will not shrink, leading to loose folds and hanging excess which can often look worse than before the weight loss


A body lift address the entire trunk area, reducing excess skin and tissue in the abdomen, flanks and back to improve overall contour. This is often combined with a breast lift, arm lift and thigh lift procedure to address the most common areas of loose, hanging excess after large volume weight loss

Thigh lift


A medial thigh lift reduces loose excess skin formed after weight loss to the thigh area. Due to a lack of ligamentous support, skin that is unable to shrink after weight loss forms loosely hanging folds that are both unsightly and can cause rubbing and discomfort


Utilising an incision on the inner aspect of the thigh, a tailored amount of skin excess is removed to recreate a better toned appearance of the area that prevents chafing and improves comfort. The procedure is often combined with a body lift or abdominoplasty

What to expect at your consultation

During your visit Dr. Ahn will listen to your concerns regarding any areas of your body that you would like addressed and perform a thorough examination and assessment


After initial assessment, you may have preoperative planning photos taken and we will then discuss with you the best options for helping you achieve your goals. All aspects of the procedure, including a step by step explanation, potential complications and expected outcomes will be discussed and provided to you in writing as required


Should you be uncertain at any point, we invite you to consider a second appointment at any stage to give you some time to have any questions addressed before going ahead with the procedure

Preparation is key

The key to great results begins through meticulous planning in plastic surgery. From your initial consultation and assessment, every detail, from pre operative preparation, the procedure itself, right through to post operative recovery and follow up will be planned and checked over


A successful operation depends on this level of care and if or when complications do occur, allows us to be prepared in advance for them instead of trying to deal with issues as they happen


We encourage you to bring along a list of questions you may have regarding any stage of your procedure with Dr Ahn - your own part in this preparation is as important as the surgeon's

What are the costs

Although the cost of individual procedures can be broadly quoted, each individual is unique and this requires a tailored approach to any planned procedure


The costs that you will incur will be based on the procedure involved and its complexity, the anaesthetic requirement and the hospital costs involved depending on length of stay and post discharge follow up required


Parts of your care may also be eligible for coverage by Medicare or your private health insurance


Once you decide on your procedure, our staff will provide you with a quote for the entire procedure including the expected out of pocket expense

For any enquiries regarding these procedures or any other questions you may have about how plastic surgery may help you please contact us or request an appointment

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