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Augmentation rhinoplasty

This patient in her 20s had been using hyaluronic acid fillers in her nasal dorsum and tip for some time before making a decision to seek a more permanent result and came to see us for an augmentation rhinoplasty.


While there are many options for building the nasal height and refining tip shape, cartilage is the safest and most permanent option. 


Photos are shown at 3 months post op with improvment in the nasal bridge height, refinement of the tip and overall lengthening of the nose

Augmentation rhinoplasty

This patient in her 20s underwent an augmentation rhinoplasty using rib cartilage to build up the nasal dorsum, increase nasal length and to provide tip projection and refinement.


Several techniques are combined in an augmentation rhinoplasty to build up the nasal framework from the base up which requires careful planning and an intricate knowledge of the nasal anatomy. 


Preoperative planning with Vectra imaging is routinely performed for all of our nasal consultations to allow a clear plan and understanding of what is possible to achieve during your surgery and where the limitations are


Before and after photos are shown at 6 weeks post op

Total Rhinoplasty

This patient had preoperative issues with a dorsal hump and large bilateral nostrils with prominent nasal tip and sought help with a reduction rhinoplasty for improvement of her nasal profile.


Total rhinoplasty was performed with correction of her bony and cartilaginous dorsal hump and reduction of length in her nostril alar size through shortening of her lower lateral cartilages. The tip was rotated slightly upwards and refined with shaping sutures to create a natural, balanced nasal profile to suit her facial features.


Post operative photos are shown at 2 weeks post operatively with scars healing well and initial swelling resolving.

Rhinoplasty with septal correction for deviation and inferior turbinectomy

This patient in her 20s had long term issues with nasal breathing and a slight deviation. She sought improvement of her nasal profile with removal of her dorsal hump and improvement of tip shape


A total rhinoplasty was performed with extra-corporeal septoplasty for straightening of her septum and reduction of her dorsal hump for improvement of side profile. 


Her nasal breathing was much improved post operatively and her external nose shows a pleasing shape and profile. 


Post operative photos are taken at 6 months post surgery

Total rhinoplasty with septal correction and bilateral inferior turbinectomy

This patient in her 30s had chronic nasal breathing issues and a dorsal hump in her nose. Her main concerns were correction of her functional issues and improvment of her nasal profile. 


A total septorhinoplasty was performed as a joint operation with a specialist ENT surgeon to improve her functional nasal airway and her external nasal structures were also modified to improve her nasal passage while correcting her nasal profile with removal of her dorsal hump with tip shaping and refinement. 


Post operative photos are shown at 6 months post surgery

Total septorhinoplasty with inferior turbinectomy

This patient had pre=operative issues with significant nasal obstruction due to a deviated septum and significantly curved external nasal anatomy. While addressing the nasal airway, she hoped to modify her nasal dorsum while raising and refining her nasal tip slightly for more definition. 


Dr. Ahn conducted a joint operation with his colleague, Dr. Fiona Ting - Specialist ENT Surgeon, enabling him to focus on addressing the external nose while Dr. Ting repaired the nasal airway issues.


Photos are shown at 6 weeks post op with a natural incurve of the nasal dorsum and refined nasal tip. Changes were kept to a natural result while providing a more refined profile. 



Post traumatic augmentation rhinoplasty

This patient suffered an open nasal and facial fracture which was initially reconstructed, however due to scarring and contracture and an unstable nasal cartilage support developed a dorsal nasal deficiency resulting in loss of nasal profile.


An open total augmentation has been performed, with restoration or normal nasal cartilage anatomy and further supported with a rib cartilage graft which was taken from the patient's own rib and moulded using a custom made 3D printed template to restore a natural profile to her nose

Non-surgical liquid rhinoplasty

This patient desired subtle changes to her nasal contour to reduce the appearance of the dorsal hump and create a sharper nasal tip. 


By using injectable fillers, Dr. Chris Ahn can create small changes to your nasal shape that can mask irregularities and improve the overall profile in minutes.


Hyaluronic acid filler is an effective way to create these changes without the downtime of an operative rhinoplasty and has the advantage of minimal swelling and no anaesthesia required


Before and after photos are shown at 2 weeks post procedure with swelling resolved. The filler is expected to last 8 - 12 months before requiring top up

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