Rhinoplasty Gallery

Total Rhinoplasty

This patient had preoperative issues with a dorsal hump and large bilateral nostrils with prominent nasal tip and sought help with a reduction rhinoplasty for improvement of her nasal profile.


Total rhinoplasty was performed with correction of her bony and cartilaginous dorsal hump and reduction of length in her nostril alar size through shortening of her lower lateral cartilages. The tip was rotated slightly upwards and refined with shaping sutures to create a natural, balanced nasal profile to suit her facial features.


Post operative photos are shown at 2 weeks post operatively with scars healing well and initial swelling resolving.

Post traumatic augmentation rhinoplasty

This patient suffered an open nasal and facial fracture which was initially reconstructed, however due to scarring and contracture and an unstable nasal cartilage support developed a dorsal nasal deficiency resulting in loss of nasal profile.


An open total augmentation has been performed, with restoration or normal nasal cartilage anatomy and further supported with a rib cartilage graft which was taken from the patient's own rib and moulded using a custom made 3D printed template to restore a natural profile to her nose