One of the most common types of consultation that a plastic surgeon sees is a referral for breast surgery. 


Breasts vary in size, shape and symmetry and it is often a combination of factors that lead to unhappiness or lack of confidence with the appearance of your breasts. Whether these issues are long standing as a developmental difference, or changes that have happened over a period of time with factors such as age, motherhood, breast feeding and weight fluctuations taking their toll, these issues can lead to significant impact on your overall well being and overall quality of life.


Common difficulties reported with unsatisfactory breast appearance include:

  • Lack of confidence due to breast size that is too small or large for your frame
  • Significant asymmetry or difficulty with form fitting clothing
  • Breast ptosis (droop) with age, motherhood and breast feeding
  • Discomfort from larger breasts leading to neck and upper back pain, sweatiness and irritation and during sporting activities

With the increase in popularity of cosmetic breast surgery, it can be difficult to navigate through the masses of information available on the different breast procedures your plastic surgeon can provide for you. Moreover, it is even harder to separate the information that is based on quality evidence and years of experience compared that which is based on hearsay and often incorrect.


It is important for your surgeon to listen to what your concerns are and provide you with the best options for achieving your goals through your procedure. With a subspecialty interest in breast reconstruction, Dr. Ahn's experience in this field will help guide your decisions to achieve your planned results.


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Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery involves placement of silicone breast implants underneath your existing breast tissue and often partially under the pec muscle through a small incision hidden in your lower breast fold.


Modern breast implants come in a huge selection of shapes and sizes and have a good safety profile. Which implants you need will be determined based on your pre operative consultation and measurements to help you achieve the right shape and proportions for your body.

Breast reduction

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure designed to reduce breast volume and excess skin while lifting the breast and improving overall shape as well as size 


Patients often report immediate relief of many symptoms associated with larger breasts such as neck and shoulder discomfort or back pain. Depending on circumstances reduction can be performed as a day procedure or an overnight stay with moderate down time for recovery

Breast lift Mastopexy

A breast lift, or mastopexy is an operation that can be performed on its own or in conjunction with an augmentation.


The procedure is designed to reduce excess skin and reposition the nipple to a lifted position on the chest. A mastopexy alone however addresses breast droop (ptosis) only and any loss in volume will not be changed which is why the operation is often performed in conjunction with a breast augmentation either as a single or two stage procedure


Breast reconstruction

1 in 9 women is Australia are diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime and a diagnosis can lead to a number of difficult decisions. One decision that should always be considered is your options for breast reconstruction either during or after your breast cancer treatment. Whether you have a localised lump removal or a complete mastectomy, there are a number of surgical options available to restore normal breast contours often during the same operation.


Whether you prefer reconstruction using your body's natural tissue (DIEP reconstruction) or other options such as synthetic implants, Dr. Ahn has extensive experience in this field and will help guide you through the your decisions to find the procedure that is best suited to you

Male gynaecomastia

Gynaecomastia is a very common problem that affects the majority of men at least once during difference stages of their lives. 


Often, pre-pubertal and adolescent gynaecomastia will resolve, however when present in adulthood, there is presence of stable breast tissue which will not go away with exercise or weight loss. 


Other than the appearance, gynaecomastia can also lead to significant physical discomfort especially during physically demanding activities. 


Removal of gynaecomastia usually involves either direct excision of breast tissue under the nipple area or liposuction and often a combination of both depending on the severity.


Other breast procedures

  • Breast implant removal / exchange
  • Fat grafting / transfer
  • Congenital breast problems
  • Nipple reconstruction
  • Scar revision


What to expect at your consultation

During your visit Dr. Ahn will listen to your concerns regarding your breasts that you would like addressed and perform a thorough examination and assessment


After initial assessment, you may have preoperative planning photos taken and we will then discuss with you the best options for helping you achieve your goals. All aspects of the procedure, including a step by step explanation, potential complications and expected outcomes will be discussed and provided to you in writing as required


Should you be uncertain at any point, we invite you to consider a second appointment at any stage to give you some time to have any questions addressed before going ahead with the procedure

Preparation is key

The key to great results begins through meticulous planning in plastic surgery. From your initial consultation and assessment, every detail, from pre operative preparation, the procedure itself, right through to post operative recovery and follow up will be planned and checked over


A successful operation depends on this level of care and if or when complications do occur, allows us to be prepared in advance for them instead of trying to deal with issues as they happen


We encourage you to bring along a list of questions you may have regarding any stage of your procedure with Dr Ahn - your own part in this preparation is as important as the surgeon's


What are the costs

Although the cost of individual procedures can be broadly quoted, each individual is unique and this requires a tailored approach to any planned procedure


The costs that you will incur will be based on the procedure involved and its complexity, the anaesthetic requirement and the hospital costs involved depending on length of stay and post discharge follow up required


Parts of your care may also be eligible for coverage by Medicare or your private health insurance


Once you decide on your procedure, our staff will provide you with a quote for the entire procedure including the expected out of pocket expense

For any enquiries regarding these procedures or any other questions you may have about how plastic surgery may help you please contact us or request an appointment

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