Your face is your most unique and identifying feature. Immediately recognisable, your facial features allow identification, communication and expression of who you are. With time however, the face is a part of our body that is most exposed to the elements and typically shows the earliest signs of ageing.


What is individual to each person is their underlying facial structure and how this shows externally through the anatomy of each facial feature, their shape and balance. The brow area, eyes, nose, mouth and jaw line all combine to create your defining features and at times there may be areas that you feel are out of balance with the rest of you and who you are.


Cosmetic surgery of the face involves a multitude of techniques to help with single, isolated areas or at times be implemented in combination for dramatic change to your overall appearance. Regardless of the type of procedure however, it must be emphasised that every step must be thoroughly planned and implemented to create a refined, aesthetic result. 





Face lift - Designed to tighten and lift the face through incisions around the temple and ear with directed pull of the skin and underlying support layer, a face lift is the definitive procedure for reversing signs of ageing in the mid to lower face areas



Forehead rejuvenation - Both surgical and non surgical options are available for the forehead area depending on your needs. Simple procedures such as anti-wrinkle injections can reduce wrinkles dramatically



Brow lift - With time, our brows tend to drop especially in the outer areas leading to a tired look. In more advanced cases, this can progress to the point that your peripheral vision can become impaired. Brow lifts are designed to pull up and reposition the brow for a more youthful appearance through an incision either directly above the brow line or in the scalp area



Upper eyelid blepharoplasty - An upper eyelid blepharoplasty is used to tackle tired looking eyes and loose skin that can sometimes be so severe that your vision can become obstructed. Refreshing the eyelid areas are a key to dramatically reducing the effects of ageing. An incision is created within the eyelid crease that is well hidden and allows for reduction of excess skin and fat underneath the eyelid to correct these problems



Lower eyelid blepharoplasty - A lower eyelid blepharoplasty is a procedure that can vary significantly depending on what is needed to rejuvenate the lower eyelid and mid face areas. Whether a simple reduction of skin is required or more complicated reduction or repositioning of fat is required to address issues such as dark circles, bulges (bags) or redundant skin folds. Non surgical fillers are sometimes suitable for small areas of atrophy in the lower lid area.



Rhinoplasty - A procedure used for correcting the shape of the nose. Dr. Ahn utilises an open rhinoplasty technique which allows for deconstruction of the nose in to its key structural components so that each part can be accessed for manipulation to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional nose. 


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Lip augmentation - Involves correction of areas of volume deficiency in the upper or lower lip. This can be achieved with non surgical filler injections for temporary results or a simple procedure involving grafting of your own fat into the area for a lasting outcome



Chin augmentation - It is often the case that a small or retruded chin can have an impact on the overall facial appearance that is often underestimated. Both facial height and lateral side profile are significantly impacted by the chin. Augmentation of the chin or jaw line with either surgical implants or repositioning of your own bone (genioplasty) can correct for deficiency in this area and improve overall facial profile dramatically



Neck lift - Often performed in conjunction with a face lift procedure, neck wrinkles are a tell tale sign of ageing even in a youthful appearing face. A neck lift is performed using an extension of the face lift scar under the bottom of the ear and at times a well hidden scar in the mid line under the chin to reduce excess skin and tighten the underlying muscle layer (plastysma) to reduce these signs



Ear correction - Correction of prominent ears ('bat ears') or ear lobe reduction is an extremely satisfying procedure that can provide instant improvement to ears that are protruding or out of balance to your overall facial shape and symmetry. This requires a procedure under general anaesthesia through hidden incisions behind the ear with a relatively quick recovery and excellent results



What to expect at your consultation

During your visit Dr. Ahn will listen to your concerns regarding any areas of your face that you would like addressed and perform a thorough examination and assessment 


After initial assessment, you may have preoperative planning photos taken and we will then discuss with you the best options for helping you achieve your goals. All aspects of the procedure, including a step by step explanation, potential complications and expected outcomes will be discussed and provided to you in writing as required


Should you be uncertain at any point, we invite you to consider a second appointment at any stage to give you some time to have any questions addressed before going ahead with the procedure

Preparation is key

The key to great results begins through meticulous planning in plastic surgery. From your initial consultation and assessment, every detail, from pre operative preparation, the procedure itself, right through to post operative recovery and follow up will be planned and checked over


A successful operation depends on this level of care and if or when complications do occur, allows us to be prepared in advance for them instead of trying to deal with issues as they happen


We encourage you to bring along a list of questions you may have regarding any stage of your procedure with Dr Ahn - your own part in this preparation is as important as the surgeon's

What are the costs

Although the cost of individual procedures can be broadly quoted, each individual is unique and this requires a tailored approach to any planned procedure


The costs that you will incur will be based on the procedure involved and its complexity, the anaesthetic requirement and the hospital costs involved depending on length of stay and post discharge follow up required


Parts of your care may also be eligible for coverage by Medicare or your private health insurance


Once you decide on your procedure, our staff will provide you with a quote for the entire procedure including the expected out of pocket expense

For any enquiries regarding these procedures or any other questions you may have about how plastic surgery may help you please contact us or request an appointment

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