Body contouring

Medial thigh lift

This patient successfully lost a significant amount of weight and achieved a fitter, healthier body however suffered the consequences of loose, excess skin that does not retract with time. Excess skin after weight loss can at times be more concerning for patients than their appearance before losing weight and can also lead to physical problems such as skin irritation, excess sweating in skin folds and may be a barrier to further weight loss. 


A medial thigh lift is a procedure designed to reduce this skin excess by a tailored approach to the areas of skin laxity. Using a scar on the inner thigh that is not visible from the front or back, excess skin is excised and the remaining thigh skin lifted to improve the thigh contour and appearance. In minor cases, a short scar in the groin crease can be used, however most will benefit from a longer scar that allows more skin reduction and improvement in overall contour.