Cosmetic breast surgery

Breast implant exchange with mastopexy

This patient had previous breast augmentation years ago and suffered bilateral implant rupture with capsular contracture and severe pain. The breast tissues had dropped below the implant resulting in an unsatisfactory breast shape.


The patient's goals were for relief of her pain symptoms, improvement in breast shape and to maintain a similar volume. Dr. Chris Ahn performed a bilateral removal of implants with capsulectomy and immediate replacement. During the same operation, the excess breast skin was removed and tailored to the new implant shape. Reinforcement of the lower pole of the breast was performed to reinforce support and preserve a natural breast shape.


Photos are shown at 6 weeks post operation.

Breast implant exchange with mastopexy

This patient in her 50s had previously a bilateral breast augmentation with breast lift performed over 15 years ago. With time, her breasts have dropped and her previously well positioned implants have developed capsular contracture and unilateral implant rupture.


On consultation with Dr. Ahn, the patient chose for removal and replacement of implants with a larger implant and redo of her previous breast lift procedure.


Both implants were removed and replaced with Motiva Ergonomix implants and a bilateral revision breast lift mastopexy was performed to improve the breast shape and position on the chest.


Post operative photos are shown at 6 weeks after surgery.

Bilateral implant exchange with capsulectomy

This patient had previous breast augmentations with implants that had developed capsular contracture leading to the shape and position of the implant becoming gradually deformed.


The right side was more severely effected and both implants were removed with a complete en bloc total capsulectomy performed while a partial capsulectomy was performed on the left. 


Previous implants were replaced with slightly higher volume round profile implants in a dual plane pocket with a natural, balanced result shown at 6 weeks post op