Breast Reconstruction Gallery

Left unilateral DIEP breast reconstruction

This patient initially had a total mastectomy for breast cancer and after recovering from her treatment sought options for breast reconstruction. 


She received a unilateral breast reconstruction using a DIEP free tissue transfer technique using skin and fat from her abdomen to reconstruct shape and volume to her left breast.


These photos show her results after stage I of her breast reconstruction journey. Further adjustments will be performed to balance the breast volume and reconstruct a nipple to the new left breast.

Bilateral DIEP immediate breast reconstruction

This patient required a bilateral prophylactic mastectomy after testing positive for the BRCA gene class which raises her risk of developing breast cancer significantly.


As this was a prophylactic procedure, a nipple sparing approach was able to be used for both breasts. The patient opted to have a tissue based reconstruction using her own abdominal tissue with DIEP flap approach.


The post operative image shows the ellipse shapes skin paddles adjacent to her nipple areolar complex which is a patch of skin from her abdomen left there temporarily to allow monitoring of the health of the transferred tissue. Photos are shown at 3 months post op.


At the 6 month mark, this patient will undergo the second stage of her breast reconstruction journey, where the skin patches from her abdomen that are no longer required for monitoring will be excised through a simple day procedure to convert the elliptical scar to a linear one. 

Bilateral DIEP immediate breast reconstruction




This patient wished to discuss options for an immediate breast reconstruction to be performed at the same time as her upcoming bilateral mastectomy for treatment of left breast cancer and right prophylactic removal.


She wished to stay at a similar size and volume and a reconstruction using DIEP abdominal free tissue transfer was recommended.


These images are at 3 months after her first stage reconstruction. She will go on to have a nipple reconstruction performed at 6 months post op to complete her breast reconstruction journey.



Bilateral DIEP immediate breast reconstruction




This patient had pre-existing asymmetry and required bilateral nipple and skin sparing mastectomy for breast cancer. 


After discussing options, she opted to have bilateral immediate breast reconstruction with abdominal free tissue transfer with DIEP flaps. 


Before and after photos are shown at 6 months post surgery

Bilateral immediate reconstruction with breast implants

This patient in her 30s was diagnosed with left breast cancer and after having an initial lumpectomy with chemotherapy, decided to proceed to having a completion left mastectomy and right prophylactic mastectomy.


In patients who have a smaller chest frame and limited tissue availability from their abdomen, an implant reconstruction can provide excellent results especially in patients who desire a slight upsizing to their previous breast volume.


Photos are shown at 3 months post op with improved breast shape, size and position compared to her pre-operative appearance

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