Breast Reconstruction Gallery

Left unilateral DIEP breast reconstruction

This patient initially had a total mastectomy for breast cancer and after recovering from her treatment sought options for breast reconstruction. 


She received a unilateral breast reconstruction using a DIEP free tissue transfer technique using skin and fat from her abdomen to reconstruct shape and volume to her left breast.


These photos show her results after stage I of her breast reconstruction journey. Further adjustments will be performed to balance the breast volume and reconstruct a nipple to the new left breast.

Bilateral DIEP immediate breast reconstruction




This patient wished to discuss options for an immediate breast reconstruction to be performed at the same time as her upcoming bilateral mastectomy for treatment of left breast cancer and right prophylactic removal.


She wished to stay at a similar size and volume and a reconstruction using DIEP abdominal free tissue transfer was recommended.


These images are at 3 months after her first stage reconstruction. She will go on to have a nipple reconstruction performed at 6 months post op to complete her breast reconstruction journey.