Asian Cosmetic

It is intriguing to study the difference in features of the Asian face and what characteristics are perceived as being beautiful. Subtle differences in the ideal aesthetic proportions exist not only between neighbouring countries but also through generations over time


When we see our faces, our external appearance is built upon foundations which begin with our facial bone structure. From here the muscles, fat pads, cartilages and their attachments covered with our skin results in what you and others can see as your facial features.  The assessment of an Asian face begins therefore with an understanding of the differences in these structures and how they may be addressed


Some of the most common areas that patients wish to have addressed in the Asian face are the eyes, nose and chin area. The fundamental techniques used in Asian aesthetic surgery are designed for these areas and have been refined over the years into meticulous techniques allowing for fine adjustment from patient to patient to ensure that the individual outcome that you desire can be achieved



Double eyelid surgery

Creation of a double eyelid fold, or Asian conversion blepharoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgical procedures performed in Asian patients


Two possible options are available for double eyelid creation - incisional or non-incisional techniques. Both operations have their merits however the choice of which depends on a combination of patient preference, desired lid fold shape and your eyelid anatomy. These factors will be assessed during your consultation and the best options discussed with you

Ptosis and eyeline correction

There are several procedures available in conjunction with double lid surgery that can be performed at the same time to enhance the shape of your eyes. 


Ptosis, or droopy eyelid correction is performed together with creation of an eyelid fold to help correct abnormally low eye opening and enhance the shape of the upper eyelid


Medial or lateral epicanthoplasty is also a commonly used adjunctive procedure that can widen the eye opening and alter the inner or outer angle of the eye

Jawline surgery

Although often missed as a key facial component, an aesthetic jawline completes the facial profile and can complement or diminish the beauty of the other facial features, providing balance to the facial shape and a slimmer jawline.


Aesthetic correction of the jaw can involve modification by reduction of sharp angles at the lateral aspect of the jaw and correction of chin protection to create the ideal 'V Line' shape of the Asian feminine facial profile

Asian rhinoplasty

Aesthetic surgery of the Asian nose requires distinctly different techniques than a Western rhinoplasty. The challenge is to augment the nose, raising the height and profile while refining the tip all within the confines of the natural skin envelope. 

Overcorrection leads to a nose that is too sharp, or problems with scarring and healing. The challenge is to create natural, aesthetically pleasing lines while ensuring a reliable and predictable outcome. Utilising your body's own tissues, such as cartilage or dermis from the skin, complications of nasal augmentation can be avoided for better safety and long term stability compared to techniques using non-biologic, silicone implants.

What to expect at your consultation

During your visit Dr. Ahn will listen to your concerns regarding any areas of your face that you would like addressed and perform a thorough examination and assessment


After initial assessment, you may have preoperative planning photos taken and we will then discuss with you the best options for helping you achieve your goals. All aspects of the procedure, including a step by step explanation, potential complications and expected outcomes will be discussed and provided to you in writing as required


Should you be uncertain at any point, we invite you to consider a second appointment at any stage to give you some time to have any questions addressed before going ahead with the procedure

Preparation is key

The key to great results begins through meticulous planning in plastic surgery. From your initial consultation and assessment, every detail, from pre operative preparation, the procedure itself, right through to post operative recovery and follow up will be planned and checked over


A successful operation depends on this level of care and if or when complications do occur, allows us to be prepared in advance for them instead of trying to deal with issues as they happen


We encourage you to bring along a list of questions you may have regarding any stage of your procedure with Dr Ahn - your own part in this preparation is as important as the surgeon's

What are the costs

Although the cost of individual procedures can be broadly quoted, each individual is unique and this requires a tailored approach to any planned procedure


The costs that you will incur will be based on the procedure involved and its complexity, the anaesthetic requirement and the hospital costs involved depending on length of stay and post discharge follow up required.


Parts of your care may also be eligible for coverage by Medicare or your private health insurance


Once you decide on your procedure, our staff will provide you with a quote for the entire procedure including the expected out of pocket expense


For any enquiries regarding these procedures or any other questions you may have about how plastic surgery may help you please contact us or request an appointment