Breast reduction gallery

Bilateral breast reduction

This patient had a bilateral breast reduction to lift her breasts and reduce volume and skin excess.


Breast reduction surgery uses well placed scars around the nipples and the underside of the breasts to allow reduction of skin that has sagged due to large breast volume over time. Through these incisions, the desired amount of breast tissue excess is removed and the remaining tissue is rotated up into a higher position to create an internal 'lift' that repositions the breast volume to a higher place on the chest so that the breast can look more youthful and in appearance. 



For this particular patient, the breast reduction was performed in preparation for a future skin and nipple preserving prophylactic mastectomy procedure due to her genetic risk for breast cancer. With the breast size and shape improved, the breast tissues will be removed from within and replaced with fat from a DIEP flap transfer from her abdomen to replicate the natural tissues that are lost.